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Cloudbuilt sees quick wits and even quicker reflexes become your closest friends as you carve your own path through the mysterious floating ruins high above the clouds. A game of speed, precision and freedom, use your rocket-powered exoskeleton and manipulate the laws of physics to avoid fatal hazards, dodge hostile robots and reach not just the finish line of each stage, but the top of the worldwide leaderboards too.

Packed with progressively challenging levels, as well as all manner of shortcuts and secrets to discover, Cloudbuilt’s fast-paced competitive action will push the limits of gamers seeking a challenge time and time again.

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Dealspwn hands-on preview

Cloudbuilt is absolutely breathtaking in every sense of the word. Not only is this indie platformer an achingly beautiful masterclass in hand-drawn art design, but it’s blisteringly fast, taking everything we know about parkour and strapping it directly onto a Saturn V rocket.

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Cloudbuilt trailer released

A teaser trailer released today for Cloudbuilt reveals that Coilworks' rocket-powered platformer is slated for March 20 release.
Cloudbuilt places players in a floating city and lets them carve their own path through a watercolor world among the clouds.

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PC Gamer get hands-on with Cloudbuilt

For the tenth time, I watch myself plummet to my death. It was a necessary sacrifice—I shaved off two seconds from my route of jetpack-fueled wallruns and rapid-fire platform hops...

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